private Alarms for Seniors Product evaluation: The Keychain Alarm

in the beyond i’ve written approximately numerous approaches that senior residents can assist protect themselves from an attack and the one with a purpose to constantly make the most experience to me is a personal alarm. The cause that personal alarms make a lot feel to me and why I don’t have any hassle in anyway in recommending their use to anybody is because they’re appropriate for simply that, all people. There are some senior residents, even the majority i’d say, to whom i might have no reservations approximately recommending a stun tool or shielding spray but now not all. Stun guns and pepper spray may be very dangerous and those devices would not be effective if it were not for the fact that they’re dangerous.they’re imagined to be risky for the attacker though and if a senior isn’t always in extraordinarily decent shape they run a far higher risk of having this kind of tool taken from them and doubtlessly used in opposition to them! For those reasons i will no longer recommend stun gadgets or pepper sprays as a blanket recommendation for all seniors might be silly and irresponsible on my element. don’t get me wrong, a fairly in shape and alert senior could genuinely benefit from having a can of pepper spray in their handbag or pocket however if i’m going to propose a non-deadly self-defense device for all seniors it is going to be a non-public alarm just like the keychain alarm.I assume the keychain alarm could potentially purpose hearing harm with its 130 decibel alarm but that is extraordinarily not going and aside from that it’s miles impossible to inflict physical harm on everyone with a non-public alarm. because of this I feel as even though a non-public alarm won’t be as totally effective as the greater risky alternatives you have got with pepper spray or a stun gun but they could nevertheless be amazingly effective for a simple keychain alarm.The easy truth of the matter is that criminals do now not want to be stuck and for this reason your average criminal (the ones with as a minimum one mind mobile still running) aren’t going to like it when attention is drawn their way once they try and mug a senior citizen. Having the senior citizen activate a one hundred thirty decibel alarm that can be heard as much as a quarter mile away is going to attract a fair amount of this unwanted interest and because of that cause i assume the good sized majority of muggers will turn tail and run and look for someone else to mug.So if you are a senior citizen or have a cherished one who is a senior citizen that you’d like to help be secure please consider a personal keychain safe,Carl Vouer